Monday, April 12, 2010


So last Saturday my roommate Melinda and my brother Andrew decided to go out in the sun and search for little treasures that people have hidden all over the world. We put the coordinates in my GPS and off we went. We ended up right by my work and looked and looked and looked but found nothing. So we looked up some more coordinates and I put it in my GPS. We started driving up the canyon and the GPS told me to turn left and go OFF ROAD. Well that is just not gonna happen in my little Mazda 3 :) ha ha. So we looked up another one that was by Bridal Veil. So we took a little walk to Bridal Veil. The GPS told me to go 400 feet in a certain direction and I started walking but looked up and there was a little mountain in the in the end we didn't find any treasures but we did get to enjoy a nice day outside. I took a few pictures of our adventures by Bridal Veil :)

I talked to one of the executives from work and he told me exactly where the geocahe was so now I know it is for real... :)

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Aimee said...

Chris was into geocaching for about a month. Did you make the welding sign?