Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend!!

So this weekend I had a good time!! I took Friday off so my niece Madi and I could have a sleepover party on Thursday night. We didn't start our party until 9:00pm but we still got some good girl time in...We painted our nails, ate popcorn and chips and watched "John Tucker Must Die" I hope Debbie doesn't mind we watched a PG-13 movie. Whoops...I guess it is better to ask for forgiveness!! Madi said she liked the movie and we both laughed through the whole thing. If you haven't seen it I recommend it :) Some people may think it is dumb but hey I kind of like the cheesy movies!! We finally went to sleep at 11 or 12.
We woke up and went to my brother Scott's track meet to watch him do a little high jump but don't you worry it was freezing cold outside and I was wearing flip flops. No one told me it was outdoor season...
After the boys went home and the girls went shopping!! What else do you when it is just the girls??? :) ha ha. Guess who we ran into...Yep that is Cosmo!!! Sweet ya we totally had to get a picture with him!!!
That night we had a little Easter Egg hunt with all the grand kids that were in town. So much fun!! They got so much candy in their little baskets!!! Score!! :)
So the next day I woke up and watched Conference. Oh how I love being able to listen to the leaders of the church!! They have so much love for all of us and no matter what has happened in our lives we can change with the support and love from our Savior!! I know that to be true :) If you didn't get a chance to listen or watch conference I recommend it!! I got to go to the conference center to watch Sunday Morning's Session and it was awesome to be in the Prophet and Apostles' presence. Thanks BISHOP for the tickets!! So during the second session on Saturday I got to babysit Debbie's kids. We decided to play dress-ups/beauty pageant. Madi picked out clothes and Raef and I were the judges. Then Raef picked out clothes for Madi to dress in and I judged. It was great fun and I think Madi had a good time looking through my clothes and shoes!! The categories were "Work Attire" "Shopping Outfit" and "A Night on the Town" Madi's outfits are first and then Raef's :) Enjoy!! You let me know what you think...

Madi's Choices...
"Work Attire"

"Shopping Outfit"

"A Night on the Town"
Raef's Choices...
"Work Attire"

"Shopping Outfit"

"A Night Out on the Town"

So overall it was a great weekend full of family, fun and inspiration!!! I love Easter!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! Yea for family :)

Jocelyn said...

how fun. I so wish I lived closer to my nieces so I could do fun sleepover. maybe one day!