Monday, August 10, 2009

Big-D's Wedding pictures :)

So my little sister Diana got married last Friday to Lucas and I took a few pictures of everything...enjoy. Oh and I have only photo shopped a few of the pictures, that is why some of them may look a little different!! :)
The Gift Table...
This is the newest little man of my life!! :) So cute little Gage
Diana and Lucas cutting the cake...
The whole family, except for Andrew and Jenna.
The Boys
The girls
Diana and Erica
The Happy little couple...


Rachel Leigh said...

how fun! I love your dress, were you the maid of honor? I love love the dress! Both you and your sister are gorgeous!

Bradley and Rachael Simons said...

I didnt know your sis was getting married! Congrats to her! I love the wedding colors :) Shawna, you look great!