Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Angel Baby $20 Gift Card Contest!!

Hi Everyone,
If you are anything like me then you know how amazingly awesome it is to get free stuff!!! I love contests and I am not gonna lie I have had some pretty good luck with winning and I love it!! I wanted to share a little tid bit of info for all you moms out there. I found this new website and it has some cute stuff that I will purchase when that time come it is called Little Angel Baby!! Right now they are having a little contest for $20. Who doesn't want to win $20??? Um I can't think of one person that would turn this down...ha ha Anyway enough babble from me but the contest goes until August 30th, so go and enter, your chances of winning are pretty good right now. My sisters have bought of couple of the maternity shirts and LOVE them!!! There is some great things for babies and moms and girls that you can get for free when you win the gift card! If you want to check out their web site it is on my side bar! But go here to enter the contest!!!

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