Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Freedom Festival Awards Gala

So today I was at work and my boss gave me some tickets to go to a Gala!! I had no idea what that was for but I figured it would be fun. Also when I saw that the tickets were $40 a pop then I figured it must be good!! So I called my friend Jeff up and invited him to go. It was black tie so I found my little black dress and off I went. It was amazing. the dinner was great except for the whole salmon part. Jeff gave me his steak and I gave him my salmon so I had two steaks...yum yum :) So after they gave out the freedom awards to four deserving recipients. The first was William Farly (I don't know if he is related...ha ha) He has done a lot with his life and his motto is to never give up. He talked for a while and he said some inspiring things. The next was Jack Thompson. He has given his life to protecting minors from all the violent and obscene things that are portrayed on video games. They are getting really graphic and he believes that all the shootings are a cause of these graphic games. He has been ridiculed by many different people but said that if he was to do it all over again he would do the same thing. The next was Major Brian Shul, Ret. This is a picture of him. He was a fighter in Vietnam and was a pilot that got shot down and was told he would not survive or walk again. He was in intensive care for 2 months and the hospital for another year. His story was amazing because he made it back into the cockpit and flew the fastest jet ever made. He said that life was great and worth taking chances and having the time of your life.
The final speaker was Immaculee Ilibagiza. This is her!!! I will never forget her story it was so powerful. She has found love through God. She lived in Rwanda and one million of her people were killed after the President got shot down from his plane and one of the two tribes that lived there wanted to kill everyone from the other tribe. She lived in a small bathroom for three months with 8 other women. She has written a book that I have now ordered and can't wait to read. I will let you all know how it is :)

So I wanted a picture with her and this was the best we could do!!! So much fun. I loved every part of it. Thanks Jeff and Brad for the tickets!!!