Monday, January 14, 2013

We have been married for 1 year!!

 Daniel and I have been married over 1 year!!  So awesome :)  It is amazing how fast time flies.  Daniel has finished one year of school, only a year and a half left and he is all done.  We have had a lot of firsts...We rode on an airplane together to see the Bigelows in Colorado and to see the Batman Broadway.  

We went and saw the new Batman movie..thanks to my little brother Andrew for getting us tickets opening night :)  Whoot whoot!!

Daniel turned 30!!!

I turned 29!!  We went to a Concert and that weekend headed to Vegas!  On our way we stopped in St George and visited the temple and Brigham Young's Winter Home.  While in Vegas we saw the Beatles Love Show and also went to a Comedian that was also a magician!!  So fun!!

We went to the Bean Museum on BYU Campus!!

We had our first Easter together...

We went to the Pioneer Park in Provo!!

Went and saw the new Spiderman Movie...not my fav :)

We went to a Rodeo!!

Went to Camp Floyd :)


Went to Moab...

Went to Goblin Valley...

Daniel got to meet my little brother Scott and got to play with Liv while she was here!!

Went out to dinner with friends :)

We had our first Family Photo Shoot!!

We had our first Christmas as a married couple :)

We hope you all had a great New Years!!  We have had an awesome 1st year and are excited to see what fun times we have in store in the future!! :)  Whoot whoot!!

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Jocelyn said...

WAHOOOOOOOOO! look at all the fun things you guys have been doing!