Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Hair Days... :)

This last weekend my good looking friend Daniel came into town to buy himself a new little car and I was lucky enough for him to pencil me in and we got to spend a fun weekend together. We had a blast :) We went and got some frozen lemonades, went to the Aquarium, ate at the Gardens, walked around temple square and watched a movie!! So fun and I can't wait for him to come visit again!! Thanks for all the fun times Daniel!! You are awesome :) I am going to try and bribe him to come out again for the Stadium of Fire in a couple of weeks!! I may even take a little vacation to California here soon...

Gotta love the Big Hair Days!! :)
Happy Father's Day Stevie Ray!! Jana and her boys, Diana and Lucas, Tim and Jamie, Andrew and I all went and hung out at my dad's house. We all had a good time with the camera... :) Gotta love being with family!!
Little Gage loves my kisses...ha ha :)
Jackson wanted a picture too!!
Finally got one with all of them looking :)
Hunter...little gangster!!

Cute brothers!!

This pic of Jackson is so cute!!

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The Gibson's said...

I think the big hair looks good on you. :) Tell Jana she has some cute kids.