Monday, May 10, 2010

One fabulous weekend!!

My friend Cody invited my roommates and I to go and see some local bands play at Muse Music. It was a blast. As you know I am a concert junkie and I love going and listening and dancing to music!! So much fun!! My brother Andrew came along to listen to some good music :) My friend Spencer asked me what I was up to on Friday so he came along too. Here are a few pics!!
Pics without the flash on...
Then on Saturday I went to my friend Lance's place for a party. It was fun going and meeting new people and making new friends!! Sometimes it is nice to chat it up with someone new. It also helps when a particular person is very good looking and tall... :) too bad he is moving to New York. ha ha This weekend was full of friends, music, hot chocolate and LOST!! I have watched so much LOST lately I am kind of a junkie with that as well. So Fabulous!!!

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Jess, Keira and Telyn said...

I want to here more about this handsome tall stranger :)