Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time for something new...

So the one nice thing about having long hair is that if you want a change you can chop off your hair. Well once your hair is short then it is a little bit harder to have a change because it takes months and months and months to grow it back out. Well that is what I am attempting to do. I want to have long hair again but it is taking too long. Also my hair is at the dreaded inbetween spot where if I do it straight or under it will always by the end of the day flip out. Oh the joys of trying to grow your hair out and not getting sick of the inbetween stage and chopping it all off again!! Wish me luck and Deb I think my hair is longer than yours...ha ha. Oh and I keep seeing all these cute short hair styles and that makes me want to go short again but Debbie and I are both having a little contest to see who can grow out our hair the fastest and guess what I think I am winning!!! ha ha.

***Oh but the few bad things about having long locks is that it will take me longer to do my hair, the price of getting my hair done will go up and I will have to use more shampoo and it really worth it???


Jocelyn said...

Shawna you always look great no matter what length your hair is.
I just got back from having my hair chopped and love it. Although I don't think it helped me in the getting ready process, unless I just wash and go, but with my crazy not cute on it's own curl that is impossible, plus with this cut I like it straight. Anyway rambling.... good luck getting out of that in between stage, I've been there all to often!

kellie and craig said...

Shawna I love your hair long, a lot of guys that I talked to as well always like long hair;) Start taking prenatals to grow it longer faster.