Thursday, February 14, 2008

Single Awareness Day!!!

So today can be one of the most depressing days of the year for someone who doesn't have what we all call a VALENTINE:) I am 24 years old and have to admit that I have not once had a Valentine and I am completely ok with it. I have now been at work for a good two hours and already have seen three different flower shop delivery men bring in an arrangement of flowers. You know when you see one of those men you kind of have that hope that maybe someone thought of you but when you hear the name you realize that nope not this year, but maybe next year (A pretty realistic goal right?!?! It gives me a year to as I call it "work my magic" with the opposite sex to get something great!!!) ha ha. But ya know, I did recieve one of the best Valentines I can think of. Who needs a man when you have fabulous nieces and nephews that always think you are the coolest person ever!!! I got these about a half hour ago and now my day is complete. Another Valentines day has come and gone and so far it has been super great!!!

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Tiffany Carter said...

Did I mention you are getting super good at this bloggin thing?