Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Grandpa's Birthday!!

Happy Easter Everyone!! I hope you all had a great Easter!! I am grateful for my Savior and all He did for me!! I know that He is RISEN and that because of Him I will be able to return to my Heavenly Father and will be able to be with my family again!! What a great holiday to spend time with family and just enjoy one another's company!!
I went to my brother Mike's house and had dinner and got to see their new house. My nieces and nephews are so funny!! Brighton walked in on me when I was in the bathroom. I told him to leave and he said that it was ok because he doesn't laugh when he sees people naked. ha ha. I wasn't naked but told him I would be out in a minute. Good times. Little kids say the funniest things!! :) My niece Jenna got a hold of my camera and decided to take a few pictures yesterday...
Charlee :)
Tyler :)
Kennedy :)
Grandpa is one year older and wiser too!! Apparently we didn't have enough candles so we put 9 candles in. ha ha
Make a wish!!
It was a fun filled holiday weekend!! :)

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